Relocating With Your Child

Parents relocate with their children to new cities or even new states for many different reasons, including remarriage and job transfers. At McGinnis Law Firm, P.A., our Brandon lawyer has more than 21 years of experience helping families clear the legal hurdles standing between them and new opportunities. We can help you comply with Florida’s relocation laws.

Our firm has assisted parents relocating for work and educational purposes, as well as to be closer to extended family. We also assist military families with relocation issues. Call us at 800-768-2026 for a free consultation.

Consult An Attorney Before Taking Drastic Action

Before you move your children 50 miles or more from your current residence, you must determine whether you are subject to Florida’s relocation statute. Our experienced family law attorney, Wendy K. McGinnis, can assist you with this issue. If you are subject to the statute, you must obtain either the other party’s permission or a court order permitting your relocation.

Even if the other parent agrees to the move, you must put the agreement in writing and obtain the court’s approval. If the other parent does not agree to your request, Florida’s relocation statute sets forth the specific procedure that must be followed. Our firm can guide you through this process whether you are the party requesting the relocation or the party objecting to the relocation.

Following The Law Avoids Negative Consequences

If the other parent does not agree with your request, we can file a “Petition to Relocate” with the court. Ms. McGinnis understands the complexities of child custody law and can help you show the court why relocating serves your child’s best interests. We can also help you understand how child relocation will affect child support and determine whether a modification is necessary.

Failure to follow the law before you relocate is a serious matter. If you move without the court’s approval, you may be held in contempt and risk losing custody of your child. Avoiding negative consequences in a relocation matter is important. We can discuss this topic with you in detail so that you will be well-informed before making any life-changing decisions for your family.

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