Enforcement Of Orders

Parties violate divorce decrees for many reasons. Your ex-spouse may misunderstand or disagree with the court’s decision. In other cases, a change in circumstances prevents him or her from complying with the order. Our Brandon lawyer will use her extensive legal knowledge and experience to petition the court to enforce your alimony, child support or custody order.

At McGinnis Law Firm, P.A., we have the skills and experience to help you obtain a contempt of court ruling and collect the support or alimony owed to you. Call 800-768-2026 to schedule a free consultation with our Brandon child support enforcement lawyer.

We Can Help You File A Contempt Action

With more than 21 years of experience, principal attorney Wendy K. McGinnis has dedicated her legal career to family law. This level of focus has allowed her to develop considerable insight into even the most complex family law matters, including modifications, high-asset divorce and military divorce.

Ms. McGinnis is a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator who is often able to resolve conflicts using her mediation skills. When this approach is not possible or desirable in an enforcement case, we will act quickly to pursue an enforcement and/or contempt of court action against the noncompliant party.

Violators May Suffer Penalties

In addition to being found in contempt, violators risk the suspension of driver’s licenses or motor vehicle registration, wage garnishment and the loss of income tax refunds. The judge may even award attorney fees to the non-violating party, depending on the circumstances.

Contact Our Firm

If you believe your ex-spouse has violated your divorce decree or you have been accused of violating a family law order, call us at 800-768-2026 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation with our experienced family law attorney. We are dedicated to providing effective legal counsel at reasonable rates. Payment plans may be available.