Legal Support In Paternity Disputes

If you are facing paternity issues, you need competent legal representation tailored to meet your individual needs. At McGinnis Law Firm, P.A., we handle both contested and uncontested paternity and/or child support actions. Whether you are a mother or a father going through a paternity matter or wanting to know your rights, we can assist.

At McGinnis Law Firm, P.A., we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal service combined with personal attention.

Fathers Seeking Parental Rights

Unmarried couples who have a child often experience challenges involving paternity. It is not uncommon for fathers out of wedlock to find their parental rights challenged — and in many cases, effectively revoked.

As a father, you have rights to your child even if you are not married to the mother. If you believe a child to be yours, we can help you file an action for determination of paternity.

Mothers Seeking Child Support

As a mother, you may be entitled to support from your child’s father. We are able to assist you in filing an action for determination of paternity against the man you believe to be your child’s biological father.

Once paternity is determined — a process typically facilitated via DNA testing — our attorney will help you with the issues of child support, parental plans and related considerations.

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