Life After Divorce: Revising Your Decree and Enforcing Your Decree

Life continues along its typical path after divorce — which is to say, it evolves with its abundant share of surprises and unpredictability. Your financial needs may change, as well as your capacity to care for your children. With this in mind, it is important to regard your divorce decree as a living document. In Florida, agreements concerning spousal support (with exception to non-modifiable alimony), child support, child custody and related matters are all modifiable under the law.

Finding a lawyer will be crucial to modifying your divorce decree and ensuring its stipulations are met. To this end, McGinnis Law Firm, P.A., can help. Based near Brandon, and serving throughout the Tampa region and surrounding counties, we have more than 21 years of experience assisting individuals through all aspects of divorce.

Legal Support After Your Divorce Is Finalized

Our firm is adept at facilitating a full range of post-judgment actions, including:

  • Modifications to your divorce decree — Changes in your family or financial circumstances may render you eligible to update your child support and/or modify your alimony. We can help you revise your decree as needed.
  • Enforcing your divorce decree — A divorce decree is legally binding. If your ex-spouse refuses to meet his or her obligations, we can leverage legal processes to hold them to account.
  • Relocating with your childMoving out of the state — or even out of your neighborhood — can be complicated when child custody considerations are at play. We can help parents comply with Florida’s relocation laws.

How We Help

To learn more about our services, please reach out to our firm. Attorney Wendy K. McGinnis has the knowledge and experience to help. You can call her at 800-768-2026 or reach her online. Initial consultations are free.