Keeping What’s Yours

Florida law provides for an equitable distribution of marital property and debts in a divorce, which can result in an equal split or unequal split depending on the circumstances. When a couple is able to resolve the division themselves, courts generally approve any reasonable agreement. If a settlement is not possible, the final outcome will be decided by a judge. Our experienced family law attorney fights to protect your interests in negotiation and in court.

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Helping You Identify And Value Marital Assets

The first step in property division is identifying all marital assets and debts, which then must be valued. Our lawyer, Wendy K. McGinnis, has access to financial experts, including CPAs, appraisers and private investigators. We will involve them in your case if necessary.

As a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator, Ms. McGinnis is often able to help divorcing couples reach an agreement, even when the parties dispute some issues initially. This strategy is typically faster and less expensive than taking the issue to court.

Our Firm Will Fight For You

Sometimes circumstances prevent an amicable resolution. In that situation, we will argue tenaciously for you in court. Judges consider several factors in deciding how to divide assets and debts, including the length of the marriage, the contributions of each party to the relationship, and the financial circumstances of each party. We are committed to protecting your rights through settlement negotiations and in trial.

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