How Can I Protect My Assets?

Divorce matters are complicated further when high assets are involved. In the divorce settlement negotiation, financial stakes are higher. This is particularly the case when spouses have closely held businesses, partnerships or professional practices.

At McGinnis Law Firm, we are experienced in handling high asset divorce cases. We examine the issues of your case to advise you as to the law that applies and the best course of action. Our attorney and family mediator, Wendy K. McGinnis, will assist with all settlement negotiations, including property division and alimony/spousal support. If settlement is not an option, she will aggressively represent you in court to ensure that your issues and requests are heard.

Contact our Tampa-area divorce settlement agreement attorney for experienced, efficient legal representation. We understand your legal concerns and are dedicated to helping you find the best possible solution.

Equitable Division Of Assets And Liabilities

In Florida, Florida, property division is determined by an equitable distribution of all property considered to be marital under the law. Although the court must begin with the premise that the division should be equal, the court could find justification to order an unequal division after considering the statutory factors. The first step is accounting for all of the marital assets, which is challenging in high asset cases. What is even more challenging is the valuation of all of the marital assets and then negotiating how they should be distributed between the parties. That is why you need our highly experienced high asset attorney on your side who can help with complex issues such as hidden assets, appreciation/depreciation of property value or any tax consequences.

High asset divorces often require financial experts such as CPAs, forensic accountants, private investigators, appraisers and financial planners. Our firm will consult with you to determine the best case strategy and assist you in retaining all necessary experts for your case. We will work closely with you using our legal knowledge and experience to protect your interests and make it our objective to ensure that you receive your legal share of assets.

Assets that are evaluated during the divorce process typically include:

  • Real estate
  • Personal property such as cars, jewelry, art, antiques or furniture
  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement funds such as pensions, 401(k)s or IRAs
  • Inheritances
  • Stocks, bonds and other securities
  • Intellectual property rights (patents/copyrights)
  • Closely held businesses/practices

Marital liabilities are also equitably distributed between spouses and can include mortgages, credit card debts and medical bills. We will assist you throughout the legal process as it is our goal to see that you only acquire debt that is fairly yours under the law, if any.

Alimony And Spousal Support

There is no set formula in Florida for deciding who gets alimony and how much. The need of a recovering spouse and the ability of the paying spouse are examined. Other factors considered include the length of the marriage, age/health of spouses, current earning capacities, standard of living established during the marriage, contributions during the marriage and available resources.

You can consult with our attorney as to your need for spousal support and what kind of support you could be awarded or as to the possibility of you being ordered to pay alimony or spousal support. A spouse can seek temporary, rehabilitative, bridge-the-gap, durational, permanent, and/or lump-sum alimony. Depending on the type of alimony awarded, it may or may not be modifiable.

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