We Protect Your Rights In A Contested Divorce

Ending a marriage can be emotionally difficult, but the situation is much more complicated when you and your spouse cannot agree on key issues. If child custody, alimony, or asset division issues are creating conflict between you and your spouse, our firm can help. With more than 21 years of family law experience, our attorney knows how to fight for your rights in court and in negotiation.

McGinnis Law Firm, P.A. can guide you through the legal process when an amicable divorce is not possible. Call 800-768-2026 to schedule a free consultation.

Protecting Your Interests

Family law attorney Wendy K. McGinnis takes a hands-on approach with our cases. She will answer all of your questions personally and develop legal strategies to achieve your goals.

When a divorcing couple is unable to reach a settlement on their own, the mediation process can sometimes help the parties work out the terms for the dissolution of their marriage. Ms. McGinnis is a certified family mediator who uses her skills to develop options that both protect her clients’ interests and earn the approval of the other party.

If an agreement is simply not possible, a trial is necessary. As a skilled trial attorney, Ms. McGinnis is devoted to representing her clients’ interests throughout the litigation process.

We Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes

Our firm will zealously protect your interests from the earliest stages of your case. After the trial, the judge will decide the contested custody, property division, alimony or other divorce issues. Having a skilled attorney is particularly important in these situations because changing the judgment after it is entered can be costly, difficult, and impossible in some cases. In this way, we are able to help you avoid future disputes and expenses.

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